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Personal Projects

Github projects
Most of my public development these days is done on Github. Some of my projects are: (Rest of my Github projects)
Local (older) projects
Scrabble generator
Comics grabber
Counter program
Image gallery
Page stuff
The code below makes up the pages you see before you. All pages are simply copies of the example contents page, with differing contents. The top of page and bottom of page code don't change between seperate pages, so all other pages just call those sections of code as and when necessary to generate a seamless common interface

Top of page code
Example contents
Bottom of page code
It's a good way to maintain your site's identity, while allowing for easy change of the page interface with minimal effort
The Dailystrips project doesn't have code for multiple image comic strips. I had written patches to fix this, but this has now been outdated by my Comics grabber script, which works a lot better!
Fluxbox was my window manager of choice when I was using Linux at Bristol, but I used ROX-Filer as well which does kinda get in the way when you've got a pinboard running, and you want to switch apps - the pinboard should *not* be in the list of apps that I can switch between IMNSHO, so I patched Fluxbox to do this. I'm going to make this a more generic patch to ignore a given list of apps at some point, but right now it's hard coded to just the Rox pinboard.

Patch for Fluxbox 0.1.14 (latest version at time of writing)
Patch for Fluxbox 0.1.12 (old version, will not be updated)

This works all ok with the remember patch, which I'd say you should add as well (get it from the download page on the fluxbox site)
Notepad replacement
Little program I wrote to replace notepad.exe to get it to run my text editor of choice (currently EditPlus). My replacement notepad.exe first time you run it will ask what text editor to run, and every time after that it will run that editor. If you want to change your mind, go to the folder with this new notepad.exe and type "notepad /i". This will bring up the selection box and let you change to another text editor. Replace the standard windows notepad.exe (along with the copy in \windows\system32\dllcache if it's there), and you get your favourite text editor instead! Source (for the bored VB programmers) is here. Distribute freely!
Jar Launcher
The Jar Launcher is a little bit of VB code to do smart launching of Jar files under windows - as so often the Java setup under windows is hideously botched. This does things in a bright manner, trying first to do auto-detect, and then asking for the JRE if it can't find it. Or you can even override the auto-detection on the command line if you want.

You'll need to customize this for the particular app - alter the jarname (must be in the same directory as the launcher) and the minVersion (minimum java version) variables at the top of main.bas, and optionally alter the icon of frmSplash. Could be fixed to do things like better command line work, but right now it's a quick hack that the rest of the world might be interested in. Download it here
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